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Level 2 Cleanse 3 Day

$ 150.00

Detox & Cleanse Kit- 5 days recommended.  Complimentary delivery to most Dallas, Little Rock & Atlanta area zip codes

Free Shipping in Texas, Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama, Nationwide shipping available for $50/day

Sorry no substitutions allowed. We order the produce in advance.  You can call us to have more delivered to supplement your cleanse. All sales are final.

If you would like to buy this kit 5 days, add Detox and Cleanse 5 Days to the Cart

We recommend this cleanse to more experienced cleansers who take good care of themselves, eat whole foods, and work out regularly. This cleanse includes:

Long Life (tomato, carrots, peppers, lemon, lime)

Cold Kicker (orange, green apple, kale, lime)

Hydrate (cucumber, lime, mint, apple, ginger)

Joint Juice (carrot, orange, turmeric)

Greenology (parsley, kale, pear, cucumber, lemon)

Health Nut (dates, activated charcoal, almonds, sea salt, filtered water)

Aloe Chlorophyll Shot (local delivery only)

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