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Brussel Bytes Apple Crunch


Brussel Bytes Apple Crunch


Taste the Love! Move over Kale! Brussel Bytes are Here! Brussel Bytes by Wonderfully Raw are crazy good. In fact, they might just be the tastiest vegetable you ever had. Organic Brussel Sprouts, Organic Coconut and Organic Pumpkin Seeds tossed in a tasty coating of goodness.

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brussels sprouts*, raw coconut*, raw cashews*, apples*, tamari*, mustard seed*, tamarind*, cold pressed olive oil*, garlic*, onion powder*, Himalayan crystal salt

Please note: There is a desiccant inside this bag. Don’t eat it! It’s harmless if swallowed, but keeps our product super fresh.

*organic ingredients

Contains Nuts

Certified Organic by ASCO


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