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Jungle Peanuts 2oz


Jungle Peanuts 2oz


Ojio Raw Organic Jungle Peanuts are grown deep in the humid Amazonian basin by members of the native Achuar community. Imported by us from their ancestral home in Ecuador Jungle Peanuts prefer a hot, humid, climate and this low-lying region is perfect for peanut cultivation.

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Profile: Ironically, like so many nuts, the Jungle Peanut is not actually a nut but is in fact a legume of the pea family; even though it is regularly categorized along with other nuts. These Jungle Peanuts are grown in the wild and should not be uniform in either taste or appearance but should instead be full of different flavors. You will find that most are crunchy and sweet, yet occasionally individual nuts will be less crunchy with a slightly different flavor. They all have a striped tiger-like pattern and some have darker stripes than the others.

Nutrition: Containing over 30% protein, our Raw Organic Jungle Peanuts are loaded with essential nutrients, minerals, and amino acids. Numerous studies extoling the health benefits of these peanuts have been published over the years. These studies have promoted the ability of this humble peanut to elevate metabolism, potentially lower LDL Cholesterol, protect against weight gain, and even reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

In addition, raw peanuts are a significantly higher source of nutrients than some cooked counterparts. Boiled peanuts contain, on average, 3.8 grams of protein per one ounce serving. An equal serving of these Raw Organic Jungle Peanuts from Ecuador contains an average of 8.9 grams of protein along with higher iron and potassium levels, making raw Jungle Peanuts an obvious nutritional choice.

  • Diverse nutty/sweet flavor profile
  • Over 30% Protein
  • Trace amounts of Iron and Potassium
  • Higher grams of protein than standard peanuts


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