Exercising on a juice cleanse

Exercising on a Juice Cleanse

A hot question we get asked almost daily is whether or not it is safe to exercise on a juice cleanse. The good news for some is YES! The bad news for some is yes. In all 3 levels of our cleanses, you are getting an adequate amount of calories daily to sustain you through exercise. During a juice cleanse, you are feeding and nourishing your cells, not just filling your stomach.

But do you have to exercise on a juice cleanse? No. Even without exercise, your body will shed pounds and toxins.

Deciding to exercise should be based on listening to your body. If you are feeling fatigued in the beginning of your cleanse, abstain or do light exercise such as gentle yoga or a brisk walk. When you feel your energy levels increased (many report around day 3), stick with your normal routine, whether that be running, pilates, yoga, etc. While cleansing, your body actually gains more energy because it is uses so much energy on digestion. On a cleanse, our cold pressed juicer has already done the digesting for you, so feel free to use that excess energy for a jog or even base jumping if you’re feeling risky (*Disclaimer: We here @ Roots do not advocate base jumping as part of a sane exercise regime).

If you are someone who relies on protein in their workout regime, try our Pre-Party pack which is a juice cleanse that includes raw protein powder that you add to your health nut almond milk! You can also add chia seeds to any of our juices for a protein boost and added satiety!

If you are new to exercise, start small when energy allows. Don’t overdo it, especially while you’re cleansing. After your cleanse is finished and when you transition into healthy, clean eating, start to step up your exercise program. A juice cleanse is a fantastic way to jumpstart a healthy new lifestyle all around!

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