Juicing for Health: Ingredients Make the Difference

Compared to other methods, juicing for health can be very unique. The juice cleansing process works in multiple ways. By drinking the juices your body absorbs the nutrients, minerals and enzymes. You might ask yourself why is this important? In order to live a healthy life our human bodies require these components. Each of our twenty-three different ingredients we use to make the juices can have a positive effect on your health. As previously mentioned in an earlier blog many of our ingredients are even known to help fight cancer.

These same ingredients can help prevent other common health issues as well. Citrus fruits like limes are high in Vitamin C and limonene which may help prevent breast cancer. One speciality of Roots Juices is that because of the juice press we use, we’re able to use almonds in our juices. Almonds provide many health benefits that include easing the effects of heart disease, diabetes and anemia. Trying a juice cleanse may be the remedy you’ve been looking for!



Whether or not juicing is better for your health than eating the whole fruit or vegetable itself is up for debate. According to the Mayo Clinic, supporters of juicing say your body can absorb nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a break from the fiber found in pulp. If you’re worried about the effects of a juicing cleanse, it’s always better to ask a doctor if it’s the best thing for you. We want our customers to feel comfortable about trying our products.


Although there are many reasons for someone to begin a juicing for health, there is one universal important thing to remember, research the health benefits of the ingredients used to understand what’s best for you. Every combination Roots Juices offers can be specifically cater to an individual’s needs.


Try one of our juice cleanses, we’d love to be part of helping you achieve a healthier you!

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  • My son just did a three-day program and said although most of the juices didn’t quite taste like 25-year-old Mccallam, it did help him start a healthier diet. I’ d like to do the same program. I need to lose 20 pounds and this might be the kick-start I need.

    I’m in the Lakewood area next week and would like to pick up my three-day supply.

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