Gentle Juice Cleansing

Gentle Juice Cleansing
Cleansing can be intimidating because you might think that in order to detox, you have to starve yourself by drinking only green juice for weeks on end. Lucky for you, that’s not the case at all!
You can effectively detox while eating wholesome, nourishing foods. During this cleanse, we’re gently resetting the digestive system and supporting the elimination of toxins by removing inflammatory and processed foods that create toxic buildup in the body and emphasizing clean, easy-to-digest, whole foods.
Cleanse Guidelines
For three to five days, you will have a warming smoothie or porridge for breakfast, 6 juices throughout the day and a healthy salad or smoothie for dinner. In general, eat as much as desired at each meal–enough to feel satisfied until your next meal. If possible, avoid snacking between meals. If you’re feeling hangry, dizzy, moody, nauseous or uncomfortable during this cleanse, it may be due to low blood sugar.
Dips in blood sugar are stressful for the body (often due to a high baseline of sugar in the diet), so that’s something we want to avoid as much as possible. So feel free to add additional protein to your meals, such as a small amount of plain, organic chicken or turkey. If you need a snack between meals, try ½ an avocado with lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.
Proper waste elimination is critical to the detoxification progress, so for those of you who are prone to constipation, I recommend being proactive and taking the Ayurvedic herbal remedy called Triphala during the cleanse. Take 1000 mg with a glass of water in the evening before bed.

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