Nominate your health hero

Nominate your health hero

Would you like your health care professional, who is fighting the pandemic, to receive a 6 pack of juices?   


Nominate them here.

You do not need to be a customer or have an account to nominate.

Please be patient as we fulfill orders in which we receive them.



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  • Thank you for doing this. I nominate Charlisa Casey. She’s a nurse at a hospital in the Dallas Fort Worth area working diligently as always to give the best to patients in her care. She’s loving and giving and hard working. She’s thoughtful – she recently bought her toddler nephews (my baby boys) the cutest custom face masks made for their size. She’s the one who needs them most, but she’s still thinking of others.
    Also, she loves you guys! She loves sharing all things healthy so she’s taken me and the boys when we visit her on your side of town. True health advocate.
    Thanks again! Peace and love. 😊

  • I would be honored to nominate my sister, Katie Vicari at St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Katie has taken on significant roles in the hospital in the past few weeks due to an increase of COVID cases. She is the most kind hearted and hard working person! A hero!!!!

    Sarah Vicari on
  • I nominate Czarina Hounsel, a friend from college. She lives in DFW and is a pediatric ICU nurse in FW. Her son is immune compromised and recently underwent a major heart surgery. She goes to work and then self isolates from her family to keep them safe. With everything going on for her, she dropped everything and took necessities to my grandma. I would love for her to get juices!

    Amber Young on
  • I nominate Heather Batts! She is a hard working registered nurse with a very compassionate heart! She always gives to others and helps out everyone that she can and continues to strive for excellence. She’s working at one of the busiest hospitals in Dallas, especially during this time! I give thanks to all nurses, especially her!

    Danyelle Cherry on
  • I nominate Gretchen Lowery, L&D nurse at Andrews Women’s Hopital/Baylor Scott & White in Ft Worth. Because she’s divorced and wants to protect her kids from a possible COVID-19 exposure, she hasn’t seen her kids in at least a month now. I’d love for her to get an immune boosting juice pack.

    Jaime Reed on

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