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Bold Apps "Dallas juice shop sells hemp 'edibles' like brownies and smoothies ... but you won't get high "

This article was originally posted on the Thanks so much to author Jeremy Hallock covering this new offering from Roots.   Businesses in Texas can't legally sell marijuana, not for medicinal purposes and not for fun. But one company in Dallas, Roots Juices, is selling "edibles" made with cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant.   Hang on a minute: These are not the same "edibles" you can buy in Denver. Roots Juices' version — which are sold as gluten-free brownies and strawberry muffins — are infused with cannabidiol hemp oil, commonly known as CBD oil or simply CBD. It's...

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I Live In Dallas: "28 Days of Roots Juices"

This article was originally posted on the blog "I Live In Dallas." Thanks so much to Neil for documenting his journey of juice cleansing with Roots.   This is the first of three articles I plan to write in order to share my juicing fast journey with you. As with all good anecdotes, I will try and relay this account in an as personal and specific way as possible. I will make it personal because by its very nature it is personal. I will make this account specific for quasi-scientific reasons so it can be duplicated if others choose to do...

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Good Morning Texas segment

Watch our appearance below on Good Morning Texas discussing our Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse. We were honored to have been featured on the “Social Radar: What’s Hot in the New Year” segment on Good Morning Texas! Bri Crum of Plan B PR talked about our juice cleanses and some individual cold pressed juices. They spoke about the importance of pressed juice and why our delivery service was so great. They also mentioned that we are newly offering free shipping all over the state of Texas.

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