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You take your car in for oil changes. Why don’t you do the same for your body? Your immune systems depend on healthy elimination of toxins from your body. The toxins we breathe in and take into our body every day is overwhelming.These toxins can manifest a variety of health conditions. Juicing is a healthy way to give your body a break. It is also the most nutritious as it provides natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.Our detox cleanse is a healthy 5 day kit designed to clean the toxins out of your body while promoting a healthy lifestyle with plenty of nutrients. Our kit consists of 6 juices per day labeled in the order in which Roots recommends you take them. The juice kit will be freshly pressed and delivered to your doorstep early in the morning.For best results we recommend 5 days, however you can do anywhere from 1-5 days. Many people choose to do a 2-3 day cleanse however we find this leaves you with an incomplete cleanse and a “hangover feeling.” The toxins don’t begin to leave your body through your liver until the end of day 3 and into day 4. Day 5 is a recovery where you feel great! After our 5 day Detox & Cleanse you will look and feel amazing.The cut and dry-For the few days leading up to a cleanse you need to really HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE your body as much as possible and can continue your regular diet. If it is possible try eliminating meat from your diet for a few days leading up to the cleanse.While doing a detox cleanse it is important that you hydrate your body with at least 8 glasses of water a day while avoiding alcohol and caffeine at all costs. You will likely experience withdrawal symptoms as a result of your cleanse. These can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, skin eruptions, and constipation. These symptoms can be a good sign that the detox in working. Moderate work and exercise is tolerated, but nothing too excessive.After the cleanse it is important for you to remain on a raw food diet for 3 days in order to slowly wake up your digestive system. A large portion of meat or processed food can be a shock to your system and can cause uncomfortable digestive issues. Because we order the produce in advance we no longer allow for substitutions or refunds. However you can call us and we will add additional juices to your delivery. JUICES MUST REMAIN REFRIGERATED AT ALL TIMES.



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