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How do we craft these creative concoctions that taste delicious and provide the nutrients to keep you healthy and productive every day? Our juices are pressed daily, so when you open any of our juices you know that you are getting something fresh and filled with almost 3 pounds of fruits and vegetables. Even better, you can get Roots fresh juice fast through our same day delivery service in certain areas. Why is cold-pressed juicing different? The simplest and shortest answer, pressing generates 50 times more nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and it’s also a process that eliminates the need for pasteurization thus making it easier to digest.

What else you need to know:
1. All of our fresh juices are packaged in 16 oz. bottles
2. Juices are good for 5-7 days
3. We deliver to local Dallas, Atlanta and Little Rock areas
4. We ship for free to the entire state of Texas, Georgia, Arkansas and Alabama 

Discover your favorite blend below.

Ginger Juice 100% (congestion, antiviral, antibacterial)
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Seasonal Smash (Plum Lavender)



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