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Searching For Your Perfect Juice Cleanse?

Compare the quality of juices from Roots Juices to Suja Juice and decide which cold-pressed, organic cleanse is going to be best for you


  • Cold Pressed and Organic Juice
  • Free Shipping to TX, AL, AK, and GA
  • 17 Cleanse Options Available
  • Made in Texas, Georgia

Suja Juice

  • Cold Pressed and Organic Juice
  • Free Shipping Only for Full Cleanses Available
  • 6 Cleanse Options Available
  • Made in California

The Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice

Did you know that pressed juices have 50x more nutrients than regular juice? Our Hydraulic-pressing procedd releases as much vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into each juice as possible, packing 3-4 pounds of produce into every product. Your certainly won't that at the grocery store. Even better, by refining products so much, it makes it even easier to get all of these nutrients into your bloodstream.

Take a look behind the scenes with our owner and founder to learn what sets roots apart!

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