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Fat Fighter Juice

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Weight Loss + Anti-aging + Anti-stress


Do you want to lose weight but feel like you need a little help? Our Fat Fighter juice contains all the ingredients you need to kick your weight loss plan into gear. Think of the grapefruit and orange as your one-two citrus punch providing your body with filling fiber, a low amount of calories and anti-aging benefits. Cayenne has that spicy flavor to get you off the ropes with its ability to speed up your metabolism and help with overall body functionality.


Finish of the competition with ginger and burn fat with it’s ability to stimulate toxins, improve digestive function and boost metabolism. Put all these weight-lose aiding ingredients together and bam - you have our Fat Fighter.


What's In It: Vitamin C, B-1, Capsaicin, Fiber and Protein 16 oz. Juice


Ingredients: Grapefruit, Orange, Ginger, Cayenne