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Health Nut Juice

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Digestive Health + Energy Booster + Anti-Oxidant

We get it, you’re crazy about health. Health nut is too! Though it doesn’t share the fun bright colors of the rest of our fresh pressed juice, it’s just as fun (and one of the yummiest!).

Featured in this juice is one of the best foods for you: almonds. Almonds will steal the show, and kills it in the benefits department, offering benefits such as digestive health, anti-inflammation, bone health, cholesterol regulation and immune strength. Who knew these little guys had so much power?

Almond’s partner-in-crime is dates, helping to boost energy and aid in digestive issues. Perhaps the most impressive feature in dates, and Health Nut in general, is the benefits from the iron they contain. The almonds, dates and vanilla that make this juice so yummy also are great at metabolizing your proteins and fighting iron deficiency, and in-turn boosting your energy.

Okay, we’re going to address the elephant (color) in the room. The gray color of this juice comes from its activated charcoal. Don’t worry, we’re not taking charcoal off the grill and tossing it in the juicer. Activated charcoal has many benefits from teeth whitening to detoxification.

Go grazy, get healthy, and enjoy Health Nut!

What’s in It: Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Fiber, Potassium, Manganese.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Almonds, Dates, Vanilla, Activated Charcoal