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Lung Tonic Tea

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Communi-Tea : Pay it Forward 

This is the tea we donated to over six hundred families (and counting) in California that have been affected by the fires one way or another. Now with fires burning world wide we get ongoing requests to donate this tea blend. Maintaining lung health is crucial due to the potentially damaging results of toxic fumes, or trauma due to the current world events. Lung health encompasses all that is our respiratory system and according to Chinese medicine, is where we process grief and emotional trauma. *Read more on our blog about herbs that support the lungs.*

We’ve created this initiative to pay it forward. Now due to the high demand we are offering it at a base cost for you to pay it forward to others that might be in need. We are working with charities that will be supplying this tea to those in need in California, the Amazon and now Australia. Please feel free to write us if you have other recommendations of people doing true community action or smaller charities that directly help those in need. 

For an added lung strengthening source, we recommend adding our Cordyceps mushroom. 

A very tasty and medicinal blend of:

Holy Basil*, Astragalus*, Mullein*, Reishi*, Oatstraw*, Nettles*, and Ginger* (*organic)

2 oz bag

*Soon we will have this tea in larger formats due to the high demand. This is an exquisitely potent tea that is soothing to the lungs, nutritive and immune protective. Email us if you need bulk sizes.